What Graphic Design is & It's real life value

What Graphic Design is & It's real life value

Well skilled graphic designer is so rare in our industry... & the value of graphic designer is also very rare in our society. And our new generation students are not much serious about graphic design or like creative professional profession. Why... In my view.. there's a fundamental misunderstanding in our society what exactly graphic design is. The real value of graphic design cannot be realised if we misunderstand what it is.
However, most graphic designers would find this insulting. We want to believe that we are not just craftsmen or technicians, and that we have important things of our own to say. The field of graphic design attracts people with big egos because it is a business with high exposure. In fact, it is a business of high exposure, period. Because of that, it also attracts people who like to believe that they can change the world. Or, perhaps the process is the other way around. People who are interested in changing the world are naturally interested in communication, and the direct meaning of graphic design is visual communication.

Graphic design is a noble occupation with a real purpose, but for that purpose to be realised, we need to see graphic design for what it actually is, and have certain humility about it.

Graphic design, a supporting power of all businesses. Not everyone is destined to be a star, and for someone to be a star, there must be others who are willing to play the supporting roles. This is the graphic design. ‌My small note for the people, who actually don't know what exactly a graphic designer do and one thing "You're surrounded​ by graphic design in real life"

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